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Have you ever watched a movie several times and still found something new within the pixels each time? What about a book? Have you ever reread a book and found a new bit of wisdom? I believe that we miss little things while watching or reading. It may be because for short bursts our mind wanders turning our attention from the screen or page. The second, third or fourth time around, may just be better than the first time. This week I watched The Secret again. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve watched this movie. However, this time I watched a little bit differently. I took copious notes on everything that made my brain tingle anew.

Here is some of what I learned from this session. To begin to live the law of attraction, there are three steps, three very easy steps. This actually surprised me, but then I realized simplicity is truly the best. Keeping it simple makes it easy to remember and easy to practice. Now if you have never heard of The Secret, where have you been?  You can get The Secret, here.  It is a great source of information that can be life changing, if you so choose. This is my interpretation of the information in the movie. It can provide you with much more than I can, so I highly recommend you watch it and read the book.

Now back to what I gleamed this time around. The first step is to determine and decide what you want in your life. Jack Canfield said it best, “You have to decide what you want. You have to believe you can have it. And you have to believe that you deserve it.” Whatever “it” is for you. Take the time to write down your desires and/or create a vision board. I already have a vision board in my home and a journal of my desires/goals, so I had this step down. When doing this task it is vital to take the limits off! Dare to dream BIG!

The second step to igniting The Law of Attraction is Gratitude. It goes deeper than just being thankful and giving thanks. You must feel gratitude. Remember a time when an act of kindness was shown to you. Or remember how thankful you were to get that job/scholarship/apartment/you fill in the blank? How did you feel? Really take the time and experience the feeling of gratitude over again. Now take that feeling and begin to recite your blessings. Begin each day with a feeling of gratitude. Don’t make this a chore. I see it as the perfect opportunity for quality “me” time. I know that feeling and being thankful for all I have can only reap good benefits.

The last step is Visualization. Take your list out or look at your vision board. Close your eyes (not right now, but do this later.) Visualize yourself with one of your desires. The key to this is to focus on the END result. Again focus on the end result, not the how. The how will come. I get lost in the how, so this was definitely an “Ah ha” moment for me. It is important to give yourself time to do this exercise. Immerse yourself in the vision with feeling and purpose. How would you feel if that vision were reality? Happy? Thankful? Hold on to that feeling while doing your visualization. It may sound strange to do this, however, when visualizing your mind is unable to distinguish that it is a vision verses reality and your body will behave as if it is reality. Here is an exercise as an example. Close your eyes (again, not now but later.) Visualize yourself in a memory where you were upset with another person. (Just for a short amount of time, 15-30 seconds should work.) You will begin to notice that your body has reacted as if you have gone back in time. Your muscles may have tightened or your heart rate increased. Now visualize a happy memory. Did your body react for the better? Slowed heart rate, muscles relaxed?

These three steps stood out to me this time around. It was as if they were highlighted just for me. I believe that when a person is (emotionally/mentally/physically) ready to receive a particular lesson the information will be provided. I will be doing these exercises every day. I can always do with a little more me time. I will post my updates here on the blog. You are welcome to join me. I’d love to hear how this works for you.


Finding My Passions Part 2

Photo of a garden that made me smile. Photography is an Art. :) Finding my passions (p2)

Photo of a garden that made me smile. This is a happiness nugget. 🙂 Photography is an Art. 
Finding my passions (p2)

Yesterday, I posted about finding my top five passions, as an assignment from my best friend, The Fixer. By traveling through my childhood memories I was able to find three passions, creating stories, reading and art. I was also surprised that I had forgotten how much I loved to do these activities in the past. Although, I had found and excavated three passions, I was still on the lookout for two more.

This time I decided to not just focus on childhood, but on my life as a whole. I am confident in saying that I am a creative soul, but I am also known as the caregiver. From my earliest memory I have loved to help others. In my opinion, I let this love become perverted to the extent that caring for others was the priority. By that I mean in my pursuit to help and please others, my needs, wants, & desires became non-important to non-existent. Don’t get me wrong, helping others is important, but my path and intent became skewed. Eventually, I began to hate helping others. I did not want to extend myself to anyone because I was just tired of doing and helping, and helping and doing. Serving others did not fill me with joy, but with dread, resentment and frustration. Over the last few years I have severely limited myself when helping others. Ultimately it is necessary to keep all things in balance, and I realize that if am to pursue the passion of helping, I have to find that stability to find joy again in helping others.

Although, helping others is a passion, it is a bruised passion. So I continued to search and I re-discovered my joy of learning. I wasn’t sure if learning could stand on its own or if it should be coupled with reading. I have always been a stellar student, going all in when there was something new to learn, with the exception of statistics. Although my skills were adequate, math has never been a subject that I enjoyed. My college English professor was one of many to encourage me to write and help others with their writing. He actually felt I should become an English teacher. I wasn’t sure if I had the patience to teach, but I heartily enrolled in creative writing courses. I used my childhood love of creating stories and brought my characters to life. That’s when I learned my skills were pretty good. My classmates actually enjoyed my stories. Writing is definitely a passion that makes my heart sing.

The more I sought out my passions, more came to mind. I realized I truly enjoyed self discovery. That is exactly what I am doing now (and it is pretty amazing if I do say so myself). I have also wanted to travel the world to see the wonders it provides and learn about the different people and cultures sharing the earth with me. Most recently, I found that I enjoy organizing a party. The logistics of getting people to work together, coming up with a theme and then making it happen really excites me. Now, I’m in a quandary, a good one, but still a quandary. I have more than five passions. It was time to get my “hands” dirty so to speak and truly determine what makes my heart sing.

So far, I have writing, reading, art, helping others, learning, self discovery, travel and party planning. You may ask, “Why do you have to cut any of your passions?” The truth is I don’t. I just want to complete the assignment as it was assigned, top 5 passions. I spent a lot of time in thought and prayer. This is the list I gave to my friend: 1. Self-Discovery 2. Writing & Editing 3. Learning 4. Art 5. Helping Others.

The goal is to turn these passions into a form of income. This quote brought this assignment and all I learned about myself  into perspective for me. 

You have immeasurable potential. Just as a tiny seed can become a giant redwood tree, you have only scratched the surface of your potential. You have the creator of the universe on your team and you’ve been given the ball, so run with it. Run knowing that you have immeasurable potential. -Anonymous

Have you been down this path before? Do you make a living by pursuing your passions? Please share. I would love to hear your stories.

Be Careful of What You Wish For

Be Careful of What You Wish For, Because You MIght Just Get It.

Be careful of what you wish for, because you might just get it.

I would often hear the older women in my family offer the following advice, “be careful of what you wish for, because you might just get it.” There was no discriminator for this advice; it was good for everyone, young or old. As a child the advice made absolutely no sense to me. Who wouldn’t want their wish to come true? It has taken me many years, different experiences and 20/20 hindsight to understand the magnitude of this simple parable.

I started this blog to explore abundance.  At the very core of my existence, I needed a change. I have experienced lack in many areas for many years, lack of friendship, lack of money, lack of happiness and the list goes on. Lack, had become my companion. Then it came to me, I needed the exact opposite of what I had been experiencing. I needed abundance.  Great, I now have my solution, but I knew nothing of abundance or how to reach it. That was the creation of this blog, my exploration of abundance.

I started with the following affirmation, “I want to experience abundance in every area of my life, business, relationships, health, and spirituality. “

I was so excited. My mind stayed focused on abundance to the point that I found it difficult to sleep or think about anything else. When I was able to sleep, business ideas and possibilities invaded my dreams. I was overwhelmed, to say the least.  Abundance was making herself known.

I received three invitations for Thanksgiving dinner.  Wow! I was excited. The year before, I spent the holiday in bed, too ill to attend any functions. This year, I did everything that I could, to attend each dinner. It was well worth the effort, because I began to connect with others. I was building relationships and making new friendships. There was an abundance of laughter, love and food shared with many people, family, old and new friends included.

I was thrilled. I began to focus my thoughts on making an income. I knew that I wanted to work from home. I knew that I needed a lot of training. I also knew that I needed a support system. I knew that I wanted and needed multiple streams of income. I prayed for each item and the next day I found an online opportunity that provided in full. It was La Bella Baskets. I felt it was too good to be true.

By the end of December 2012 I was working on my new business, Abundant Joy Gift Baskets. Then I picked up a cold. I pushed through the illness. Then I picked up another one, and another one. I was sick for many months.  My enthusiasm began to wane then totally disappear. My fatigue increased and depression took control.  I didn’t want to do anything, go anywhere, or talk to anyone. Now being sick wasn’t part of my “abundance vision,” but if did fit the abundance spectrum. I had an overflow of illness.

When I look back on my experiences I realized there are a few key things that worked for me and some that worked against me.  I understand the parable even more. I learned to be very specific when asking for my dreams/wishes/desires to come true. This is where the “be careful” comes into play. It is important to carefully and purposely decide what I want to see manifest in my life. I also need to retain the excitement and passion, even through the tough times. Whatever my mind is focused on will show up in my life, whether it is good or bad. I’m focusing on the good. I’m

determined to continue this journey. Please share what you have learned while pursuing your dreams.


Abundance: overflowing fullness, plentiful, more than enough, wealth, extra.

This word conjures up so many different images…an overflowing glass of water, a closet bursting with clothes, or a room filled with laughing children. Abundance.

Sometimes when I hear, abundance, I immediately think about cash…lots of money. Wealth is part of the definition, so it makes sense that it is part of the imagery. However, just as a coin has two sides, so does abundance. It is just having more than you need. Case in point, my hips and thighs are abundantly curvy.

I understand that there is good and bad, positive and negative for everything. I want to experience Positive Abundance in every area of my life. I want abundant love, joy and happiness coupled with worldwide travels with friends at every port. I sound like such a dreamer, but it is okay because I am working toward reaching and living this dream fully.

I want a life of Positive Abundance, the tangible and intangible. I want to experience a genuine abundance of love, joy and happiness and not pain, fear and sadness, a life overflowing with affirmative experiences, laughter and creativity, a life of more than enough, where the worry of paying the bills or funding a family trip is in the distant past.

This blog is my journey of exploration in abundance; finding, learning, sharing and living abundantly.

Can you imagine having so much (fill in the blank) that you are forced to share? Is it possible for everyone to live abundantly? I believe it is. Please join me, interact, teach and learn with me on this wonderful expedition.