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Something new within

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Have you ever watched a movie several times and still found something new within the pixels each time? What about a book? Have you ever reread a book and found a new bit of wisdom? I believe that we miss little things while watching or reading. It may be because for short bursts our mind wanders turning our attention from the screen or page. The second, third or fourth time around, may just be better than the first time. This week I watched The Secret again. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve watched this movie. However, this time I watched a little bit differently. I took copious notes on everything that made my brain tingle anew.

Here is some of what I learned from this session. To begin to live the law of attraction, there are three steps, three very easy steps. This actually surprised me, but then I realized simplicity is truly the best. Keeping it simple makes it easy to remember and easy to practice. Now if you have never heard of The Secret, where have you been?  You can get The Secret, here.  It is a great source of information that can be life changing, if you so choose. This is my interpretation of the information in the movie. It can provide you with much more than I can, so I highly recommend you watch it and read the book.

Now back to what I gleamed this time around. The first step is to determine and decide what you want in your life. Jack Canfield said it best, “You have to decide what you want. You have to believe you can have it. And you have to believe that you deserve it.” Whatever “it” is for you. Take the time to write down your desires and/or create a vision board. I already have a vision board in my home and a journal of my desires/goals, so I had this step down. When doing this task it is vital to take the limits off! Dare to dream BIG!

The second step to igniting The Law of Attraction is Gratitude. It goes deeper than just being thankful and giving thanks. You must feel gratitude. Remember a time when an act of kindness was shown to you. Or remember how thankful you were to get that job/scholarship/apartment/you fill in the blank? How did you feel? Really take the time and experience the feeling of gratitude over again. Now take that feeling and begin to recite your blessings. Begin each day with a feeling of gratitude. Don’t make this a chore. I see it as the perfect opportunity for quality “me” time. I know that feeling and being thankful for all I have can only reap good benefits.

The last step is Visualization. Take your list out or look at your vision board. Close your eyes (not right now, but do this later.) Visualize yourself with one of your desires. The key to this is to focus on the END result. Again focus on the end result, not the how. The how will come. I get lost in the how, so this was definitely an “Ah ha” moment for me. It is important to give yourself time to do this exercise. Immerse yourself in the vision with feeling and purpose. How would you feel if that vision were reality? Happy? Thankful? Hold on to that feeling while doing your visualization. It may sound strange to do this, however, when visualizing your mind is unable to distinguish that it is a vision verses reality and your body will behave as if it is reality. Here is an exercise as an example. Close your eyes (again, not now but later.) Visualize yourself in a memory where you were upset with another person. (Just for a short amount of time, 15-30 seconds should work.) You will begin to notice that your body has reacted as if you have gone back in time. Your muscles may have tightened or your heart rate increased. Now visualize a happy memory. Did your body react for the better? Slowed heart rate, muscles relaxed?

These three steps stood out to me this time around. It was as if they were highlighted just for me. I believe that when a person is (emotionally/mentally/physically) ready to receive a particular lesson the information will be provided. I will be doing these exercises every day. I can always do with a little more me time. I will post my updates here on the blog. You are welcome to join me. I’d love to hear how this works for you.